Heat Cycle

Chemical pesticides, such as Methyl Bromide and other toxic fumigants are potentially harmful to people, pets and our environment. Worse yet, chemical pesticides are losing their effectiveness as pests, including bedbugs, are building up resistance to the most commonly used treatments. But there is a better, safer, more effective way to eliminate pests completely.

The use of heat in pest eradication is not a new concept. Since the early 1900's, heat has been used as an effective strategy to kill all life stages of insects from eggs to adults. Today, as other chemicals become less appealing, heat treatments are gaining popularity and recognition as a viable and safe alternative to chemicals and fumigants. The use of heat involves safely raising the temperatures in an infested area to a level that is lethal to all insects. Heat treatment is a proven non-chemical method of eradicating all life stages of insects from eggs, larva to adults. Unlike many chemical pesticides such as Methyl Bromide, heat treatments will penetrate and force heat into all of the harborages and kill insects where they reside.

Some of the specific advantages of the Pest-Heat system are:

  • Heat is non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Heat allows shorter treatment times and decreased down time, resulting in higher productivity
  • Heat treatments can be done in "zones," treating only the infested areas. Untreated areas may remain operational
  • Kills all the life stages from eggs to adults
  • Allows personnel to walk through the treated area and inspect the process
  • Works in all weather conditions and can penetrate into areas where chemicals and fumigants cannot

If you're looking for a safe, highly effective, tested and proven way for eradicating all life stages of insects without the use of chemicals, then Pest-Heat is your answer.